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At this point you may be wondering if it would just be easier to hire a video production company. Although I’d encourage you to at least have a go at producing your own video, outsourcing your project is a perfectly sound idea.

Because the cost of equipment and software has reduced so much over the last few years, hiring a professional online video production company is much more affordable than in the past, whether you’re looking for a completely managed service, or just a little extra polish.

To help you select the right provider, here is a quick checklist of qualities to look out for:

1. Ethical and Transparent

This may sound obvious, but you need to be confident that the video production company you select is going to create something that properly represents the standards and ethics that you have for your business. They should be able to explain, in simple terms, the steps that they’ll take to understand your business and create suitable video content.

2. Proven Track Record

Don’t work with frauds, phonies or wannabes… this is your business, your livelihood, and you don’t deserve to settle for second best. Any quality video production company should be able to show you samples of its work and, ideally, the positive effect it had on the client’s income.

Look for a company that can demonstrate its ability to create different styles of video, for different types of business, along with a slew of video testimonials from previous clients.

3. Tailored Service

As with most things in life, one size doesn’t fit all. Accordingly, any good video production company should start by analysing your current business – including an in-depth look at your company background, target market, current Web presence, objectives, etc. If a company tries to push you into a cookie-cutter template that it reuses for every client, then walk away.

4. End-to-End Project Management

We know you’re busier than ever. It never stops, right? If you’ve chosen to outsource your video production, it’s most likely because you’re aware that there’s not enough time in the day to do everything and the last thing you need are more “to do’s”. Maybe you want to focus on your core business instead of spending hours trying to master the nuances of video editing software.
If you’re looking for a managed service for your video production, make sure it’s one that will handle everything, from start to finish.

5. Expert, Professional and Timely

Since you’ve made the decision to hire a professional, it’s not unreasonable to expect a professional service. Don’t settle for poor communication, non-transparency or late work. The exception to this, of course, is if you hire solely based on price; don’t expect a Rolls Royce treatment if you purchased a Ford Edsel (voted as one of the world’s worst cars – Google it).

Make sure you select a company that believes in your products and services and is willing to take the time to understand your passion for what it is that you do. This is the only way that an online video production company can produce a video that will be truly effective.

6. Is called Melbourne Video Production

Okay, I’m just kidding with this one, but I sincerely hope that you’ll at least put us on your shortlist. Visit us at and I’m confident that you’ll find a company that hits all of the above criteria, and at a price that is manageable for businesses of all sizes.

This website is designed to help you to get started, but if you run into any difficulties along the way, please feel free to contact me @ or call 1300 662 979. I’m always pleased to help you overcome whatever hurdles are in your way, and if you prefer, Melbourne Video Production can manage every part of the video production process for you.

Here’s a short video to explain how we can help:


Your Story

Tell your story through video
to connect with your clients and
prospects on a deeper level.

Raving Fans

Turn you best customers
into your best sales people
by recording video testimonials.

Time Savers

Save time and money by
answering your frequently
asked questions in video.


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