Step 4: Online Video Marketing Distribution Made Easy

Now you have a video that you’re ready to share with the world, the best place to launch it is on the part of your website that matches the content. I strongly encourage you to have a video on the homepage of your website. A good video for this position is one that describes a problem your visitors have and that then offers a solution. Keep the content short in your online video marketing to ensure your customers don’t lose interest halfway through the clip.

If you want to go into more detail about your business, you can add a longer “Your Story” style video to your “About” page. This is an ideal place to relate the background story to your firm and help potential customers to feel as if they are getting to know the person behind the company brand.

If you’ve successfully persuaded some of your clients to record a testimonial on your behalf, post these on your sales page. There are few marketing tools more powerful than satisfied customers speaking positively about you and your services.

Launch your video the right way.

Every video you produce should have some sort of value for your customer. If you stopped by a website and settled down to watch a video clip, how would you feel if that clip turned out to be nothing more than self-promotion on behalf of the business that produced it? It’s likely you would feel a little cheated, and also slightly resentful of the firm that had just taken some of your time, without delivering any discernible value.

Videos tend to lose their power when they’re solely used as a vehicle for marketing, so always try to include something in each clip that leaves your customers feeling more knowledgeable than when they started.

How Many Videos Should You Create?

Now you have the basics covered, you can start to broaden your video topics. Take a look at the pages on your site that are visited most frequently, and consider adding video to each one that is tailored to the specific content of that page. Your videos could be purely informative, or you could discuss individual products or services that you provide. When in doubt, the “Frequently Asked Questions” format is almost always an effective approach.

Getting it out there.

Looking beyond your own site, YouTube is the undisputed leader of online video. It’s free to use, and the process is surprisingly intuitive. Once you’ve created an account you can have a video clip uploaded and “live” within minutes.

YouTube is, without doubt, one of the best ways to get more viewers and attract greater numbers of people to your website as a result. YouTube marketing is a subject that could fill a book on its own, but the main thing to remember is to take special care when completing the upload form. Make sure you use your main keywords in the title, description and tags.

Want some more info on how to get your video optimisation right? Here’s a short video.

It’s also sensible to use your Web address at the very beginning of your description so that it’s visible even if the viewer doesn’t expand this section of the page. Beyond these simple tips, the site is simple to use and provides a substantial amount of guidance to make your uploading experience safe, straightforward and efficient.

People go to YouTube for thousands of different clips, ranging from music videos through to movies of cute kittens. However, one of the most popular video types people search for on YouTube is the “How to” clip. People like to be able to see visual guides to completing tasks, and you can take advantage of the popularity of these searches by creating videos specifically of this type.

Demonstrate how to do something related to your business and close the video with an invitation to visit your website for more assistance. If you want to be really smart, demonstrate something extremely complex, and then close the video by explaining that you offer a product or service that will allow your viewers to easily complete this task for themselves.

Another good tip for YouTube videos is to hold the end frame of your video with the call to action, for at least twenty seconds. If you don’t, YouTube defaults to a screen that suggests other material for the viewer. Simply by holding that final call to action for an extended period of time, you can manipulate the site into promoting your services, rather than that of other people.

Try and make video creation part of your regular online video marketing routine. Over time your video portfolio will grow and expand into a truly comprehensive guide to all aspects of your company that people can access at any time to obtain relevant information and that will manoeuvre them into a purchasing decision.

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