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Like it or not, we live in an age where people prefer to watch the movie rather than read the book, and the Internet is not immune to this phenomenon. Far from being a short-lived gimmick, online video is now considered to be a standard feature of a commercial website.

In fact, whisper it, but if you don’t feature video on your website, then you could be perceived as being out of touch.

That isn’t to say that using video to promote your business is purely about one-upmanship. Simply put: video is extremely profitable.

You may already be aware of case studies that demonstrate the power of online video. The Old Spice commercials (, for example, are reported to have doubled product sales. However, it isn’t necessary to create something as glossy and ambitious as those produced by multi-million dollar campaigns.

Online video works primarily because people like to do business with a person, rather than a faceless corporation. Using video to put a face on your website allows you to add personality to your business, and create a level of trust that just can’t be matched by a page of text.

The Perfect Marketing Solution?

This is positive news for business owners with an online presence because we now have access to a reliable, effective and inexpensive advertising mechanism. In fact, research firm Forrester has reported that businesses can double their chances of obtaining a high ranking in the major search engines if they use video to promote their services rather than text alone.

When Dave speaks... others listen.

But the benefits of using video to promote your business go deeper than that. Think of the way in which television is regarded globally. In every living room across the world, people sit for hours in front of a television and accept advertising as a standard element of the programming. Rightly or wrongly, we’ve come to assume that any business that advertises on television is some kind of major player in its field. That assumption of expertise, and the trust that goes along with that, is hardwired into our brains and carries over into online video.

Let’s say, for example, that you own a dental practice. If your homepage features a video showing patients sitting comfortably in the waiting area, a clean, professional-looking treatment room, and a forecourt with ample parking, the positive impression made upon potential new clients will be far greater than a handful of images that, as far as your website visitors are concerned, could easily have been taken from a stock photo website.

In a similar vein, a business that manufactures handbags can showcase its products through video (opening them up, showing how they look when they’re held, demonstrating their size and capacity, etc.) far better than simply using images and text.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth an entire novel… read to you by Morgan Freeman… on a beach… while you quaff expensive cocktails.

Think I’m exaggerating? When you break it down, video is a simple sales technique, but it can easily double (or triple, or even more) the level of trust that you generate with your visitors.

The point I’m really trying to express here is that video is not just about more traffic; it’s about providing an extra dimension to your marketing that cannot be achieved through the kind of static website upon which most of your competitors rely.

Video marketing will enable you to reproduce the best aspects of your sales pitch in an engaging and memorable fashion, communicating key messages with a hefty dose of personality and presence.

Relax… I’ll Help You Get Started

There is no denying that video marketing is a crucial method for obtaining a competitive advantage in your marketplace. So the real question is how do we tap into this platform of potential, and engage the power of video for ourselves?

If you’re nervous about moving into this area of marketing, take comfort from the fact that you’re not alone. General objections vary from fears about expense, to lack of expertise, to simple camera shyness, but the power of videos to increase sales is an argument that is too powerful to ignore, and the ubiquitous nature of video recording devices means that adding video to your marketing arsenal is well within your grasp.

Over the next few pages I’m going to take you through the core components of creating online video, beginning with choosing the right equipment, moving onto the planning stage and concluding with post-production and distribution.

As you would expect, there is some cost involved, as well as something of a learning curve, but in terms of getting the best return on investment of time and money, there is nothing that can compete with video marketing.

Turn the page to get started, and if you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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